Holistic Tarot Reading Certification

10 Week Online, Self Paced Holistic Tarot Practitioner Course with CHTR Certificate!

Course Curriculum

(With Bonus Holistic Life Coaching lesson segments and material that produces well rounded Tarot Readers!)

  • Introduction, Preparation and Required Materials

  • Week 1, Lesson 1- What are Oracle Cards?

  • Week 1, Lesson 2- What are the differences between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?

  • Week 1, Lesson 3- How do Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards work?

  • Week 1, Lesson 4- My Favorite Oracle Card Decks for Beginners

  • Week 1, Lesson 5- How-to Shuffle, Draw and Interpret an Oracle Card

  • Week 2, Lesson 1- Basic Oracle Card Layouts

  • Week 2, Lesson 2- Basic Oracle Card Rituals

  • Week 2, Lesson 3- Basic Oracle Card Rebalancing

  • Week 2, Lesson 4- Using an Oracle Card as a Gateway to Divine Wisdom

  • Week 2, Lesson 5- Coming up with Your Own Card Meanings

  • Week 3, Lesson 1- What are Tarot Cards, and what is “Holistic Tarot”?

  • Week 3, Lesson 2- Are Tarot Cards evil?

  • Week 3, Lesson 3- Holistic Tarot Ethics

  • Week 4, Lesson 1- The History of the Tarot

  • Week 4, Lesson 2- Choosing Your Tarot Deck

  • Week 4, Lesson 3- The Minor Arcana

  • Week 4, Lesson 4- The Major Arcana

  • Week 5, Lesson 1- Advanced Tarot Symbols A-Z

  • Week 5, Lesson 2- The Tarot, Astrology and Numerology

  • Week 5, Lesson 3- The Tarot and General Person Types

  • Week 5, lesson 4- How to Shuffle and Care for Your Tarot Deck

  • Week 5, Lesson 5- Asking the Right Questions

  • Week 6, Lesson 1- Card Reversals

  • Week 6, Lesson 2- Basic Tarot Card Layouts

  • Week 6, Lesson 3- How to “Read” a Spread

  • Week 6, Lesson 4- Advanced Card Layouts

  • Week 6, Lesson 5- Using a Pendulum for Reassurance

  • Week 7, Lesson 1- The “Aura” Card

  • Week 7, Lesson 2- The “Anchor” Card

  • Week 7, Lesson 3- Your Tarot Journal & Client Logs

  • Week 7, Lesson 4- Preparing for a Reading, or a “Card Counseling Session”

  • Week 7, Lesson 5- Your “Tarot Tool Kit” and Smudging

  • Week 8, Lesson 1- Using the Tarot For Daily Inspiration, Guidance and Personal Growth

  • Week 8, Lesson 2- Practice Readings & Receiving Value for Value

  • Week 8, Lesson 3- “Take Home Tools” for Clients

  • Week 8, Lesson 4- Developing Your Intuition

  • Week 8, Lesson 5- Sensation, Perception, Intuition and The Monkey Brain

  • Week 9, Lesson 1- The Nature of Holistic Counseling and Coaching

  • Week 9, Lesson 2- How-to Effectively Walk A Client Through Discovering & Solving Their Problems, Using the Basic Chakra System

  • Week 9, Lesson 3- Things to Instill in Your Clients and in Yourself

  • Week 9, Lesson 4- Legally Protected Titles and Words

  • Week 9, Lesson 5- Insurance and Setting Your Rates

  • Week 10, Final Assignment- Your Holistic Tarot Practicum


How to get started!

STEP 1: Set up your Doterra Account


  • Select your desired Language and Country, and click “Continue”

  • Select your desired account type (*must be either “Wholesale Customer” or “Wellness Advocate“)

  • Fill out the account registration form

  • In the Enroller ID Column, enter: 994787

    (*the name Christel Diamond should pop up)

STEP 2: Order your choice of an Oil Kit

  • Next, select your kit and/or any additional products that you would like to purchase. (*Your order must be of a “100pv” value or higher, to receive a course, tuition-free. The pv value of the products you select will be listed beside their wholesale price.)

  • See my recommended Kit options HERE

STEP 3: Choose your tuition-free Course

Email me at: christeldiamond@gmail.com

In this email, please provide me with your full name and the course that you would like to take as part of wellness journey, and as a new member of our Blossoms United Tribe!

For your tuition-free course selection, you may choose one of the following course options:

Journey to Self-Healing and Self Discovery™

Vibrational Crystal Healing

Holistic Tarot Reading

Life Code Aromatherapy™ 

*Note: Obtaining your course certification is optional, and you are very welcome to only use the course for personal use.