Minimalist Mama


So,  I spent the last year minimizing our house and have really become a self declared minimalist mama!

I've been getting rid of stuff we don't need, things that don't serve a purpose, things that are just taking up space, and more...  They say a cluttered house is a cluttered mind, right?

Throughout this journey, I realized how attached we had become to things we thought we needed, newer things, upgraded things, more and more and more things.   There is always going to be something newer and it is just a never ending cycle that will never change until we are aware and make a change.

My journey began similar to that of my Attachment Parenting journey. It felt instinctual.  I dug into Facebook communities, blogs, documentaries, books, and have learned so much. This had changed my mindset on family life, my home business, my friendships, and so much more.

One of the BIGGEST things I've learned.... It isn't just about STUFF.  It is about how THINGS impact so many facets of life.  The constant picking up or clutter, toys, papers, and cleaning leaves me anxious and irritated. It takes time away from what is really important in life {to me.}   It impacted my parenting, impacted finances, and WHY? As a work from home mama, my goal was to work around my kiddos schedules. To be present, to teach, to learn, to grow with them.  Shouldn't I just be focused on those things? AND not stuff all the time?  Was STUFF --- tangible things, the wrong people, the wrong activities i was spending time on playing that big of a role in our lives?   YES!!! YES it was!

Over the last few months, i've shared my journey with friends and its often met by overwhelm. Wanting to get started but feeling bogged down by the enormity of it.

The number one thing that I tell my friends is that that you do not need to fit a molded definition of minimalism. You can make it your own.  Don't get fixated on a label and what it means to someone else.

Some people purge everything and keep very minimal things.

To some it is about aesthetic.

To some it is about being environmental responsible.

To some it is about the financial aspect.

To some it is about the emotional aspect.

To some its about all of these, or just a few of these, or a host of other reasons.

So....  how to get started?   Identify why you are intrigued with or wanting to focus on a minimalist life. AND remember, this can apply to the home, parenting, your business, how you spend free time, who you spend time with.  TIME is the biggest resource we have ;)

This is something I shared recently in some Facebook communities I am in:

Check out some resources AND remember, it doesn't have to be ALL or nothing.


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